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I’ve had inquiries from clients lately asking for artists who have a flair for the wild and the scenic that graces our area. Wildlife, old west classics, cowboys and Indians, and all want that feeling that the artist is truly vested in this type of artistic expression, not just doing a one-off or two. They’re also looking for images that are not simply chunky oil paintings, but rather ones that feel of a more updated flair melded with classic art. I had the pleasure of attending a gallery showing of David Frederick Riley a few days ago, hosted by Dick Idol Signature Gallery in Whitefish. And what a showing he gave!

I first became enamored with his work when a piece of his took my breath away while at Dick Idol, and I regret now not purchasing it. Unfortunately, it was a huge piece that I wouldn’t have been able to fit in my current home, and I’m of the mind that if you can’t display it, don’t own it. Let someone else enjoy it in all its splendor. The piece was his classic monochrome style for wildlife, and the subject matter was several wolves running through the mist. I’m getting goosebumps just writing about it. It was hauntingly beautiful, and I can’t even accurately describe it, as it would be futile. His pieces are to be felt as much as seen, and the soulfulness and expression in his subjects are unsurpassed, especially in their eyes…oh, those eyes! This link below will allow you to share in the beauty of what he does:

David is extremely affable, and incredibly well-educated in his art, so it’s no accident that he paints so beautifully. If you end up owning his art, please let him know I sent you his way, as I’m trying to sneak into a class he’s giving in August. He doesn’t currently teach but is doing a kind favor for a friend, and you never know what may be the catalyst that allows me the honor of learning under him. Wish me luck!

Carmen Hobson

Broker/Owner Touchstone Real Estate

Whitefish, Montana

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