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Wandering down the Avenues of Whitefish yesterday, the realization that the dog days of summer are behind us and winter is on its heels entered my weary head, and I felt my cheeks widen into a broad, giddy, smile, as I absolutely love Fall.

It’s been a chaotic year of crazy good business for me, working 16-17 hours a day, usually 7 days a week, with little time off. The 2020 situation with COVID-19 has driven panic and fear into the general population, shortages on just about everything exist, droves of people are “escaping” where they are now to settle here, and there’s no end in sight for the abatement of 2020’s frenetic pace.

Yet, with all the upheaval, there is peace inside many (including me) which convinces that all is as it should be, and it will eventually sort itself out…with common sense and kindness returning to the masses. Fall reminds us all of change and how sweet new seasons are, both in nature, and in our lives. Fall’s retrospective view that transition and transformation are good floats into our minds to settle fear and doubt, reminding us that change creates strength and resiliency in us. That there is a cycle of life that will take care of us if we simply live in the moment and have appreciation for these moments…and are good to ourselves and others. The swings of “good” and “bad”? All for a purpose. Fall brings us cleansing of old, showcasing the aged with a kaleidoscope of gold and scarlet leaves falling to rest on the soft ground, contributing their richness to feed the soil for the next generation of bright and enthusiastic gifts from the earth. Tamaracks’ yellow needles drift through the sky, losing the dead and stressed portions of themselves, leaving their strong core, and space for new, brilliant parts of themselves to emerge next spring. Hazy, smoked-choked horizons await rain to cleanse the dark ash from their midst, returning brilliant blues, clean crisp air, and puffy white clouds for daydreams to dance in. In the soft, low light of the October sky a serene, relaxed feeling returns to hearken the earth’s call for us to slow down, take care of ourselves, drink in the beauty around us, and see what’s truly important.

The boys of fall are charging down the field on chilly nights, pumpkins are under harvest, and lakes welcome the mysterious fog that blankets them in the quiet mornings. Deer and foxes are sprouting their fuzzy coats in preparation for Old Man Winter, bears are denning soon, and warm fires crackle and flicker in our homes. Let’s take a cue from Mother Nature. Slow down, let go of the old and tired, and see what’s inside that is bright and fresh and ready to bud and grow in ourselves. Welcome future days with open hearts and open minds, and for love of all. Soon snow will fall and blanket us with a pristine new canvas to add our colors to. Choose your style, trust your creativity, surround yourself with the wonders you love, and build your life from today forward in a manner that keeps you looking forward to every moment. Charge into life like those boys of fall, with laughter, glee, and camaraderie…you might be surprised how much your soul will thank you.

Carmen Hobson


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