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Houses Are Like Hotcakes - Mortgage Calculator

Hi Y’all!

What a market is has been the last few years. Houses are selling like hotcakes, and buyers are always interested in knowing how much house they can buy, which for most comes down to a payment they can comfortably afford. Sellers also like to figure out possible payments, and often comment that they may want to sell, but aren’t sure they can afford to upgrade. In order to provide the best support for my clients’ needs, now contains a new feature in the way of a Mortgage Calculator. Simply click into the website, and look for it on the site menu's on the top banner (depending on the device being used it may appear under the dropdown menu More). Click on the Mortgage Calculator, and off you go! There is even an average rate chart, if you haven’t spoken to a loan officer to determine your potential interest rate. If you’re in search of a good loan officer, please feel free to get in touch, and I can refer you to many great ones in the area who have secured financing for both me and my past clients. Have fun with it, and please let me know how I can assist you with your next real estate sale or purchase.

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