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Kitchen Remodel ROI

It’s been determined over the years that several areas typically return your investment (as long as you make wise decisions during remodeling).  They are the kitchen, master bedroom and master bath.  The article below is a brief overview of the current trends in kitchen remodels, along with estimated median and top end costs.  It’s a good, quick introduction if you’re considering taking on the challenge of a kitchen remodel.  Please get in touch if if there is anything I can assist with, both with your remodel or other real estate needs, and enjoy the article!

Farmhouse design continues to gain popularity in kitchen remodels, according to the 2019 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, a survey of more than 1,300 homeowners who are planning or in the midst of a kitchen project.

Eighty-two percent of renovating homeowners this year who are changing the style of their kitchen says they’re making it farmhouse. Farmhouse now nearly ties contemporary in popularity (14 percent versus 15 percent, respectively). Transition—a mix of tradition and modern—still remains the most popular in kitchen design at 21 percent.


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