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Many Glacier Lake Dip Trifecta!

On a hot summer day, hiking in Glacier National Park, what’s the best thing to add to your day? A couple of dips in the frigid, glacier-fed waters of the lakes, of course! Okay, so maybe not on everyone’s bucket list, but on a recent trip to Many Glacier, I couldn’t resist. After hiking to Cracker Lake on day one, we took an easy second day to hike to rest per weary legs and hike to Grinnell Lake. It was a glorious day, with still waters, and lots to see, beginning with a little brown bear grazing along the road on the way in. We parked the Sprinter, had a steaming cup o’ joe, a bit of breakfast, and lazily made our way to Grinnell. It’s such a fun hike, and I had done it the week before with my young nieces, only completing the figure-eight loop around Swiftcurrent and Josephine, seeing three moose along the way.

Once we arrived at Grinnell Lake, we had amazing views, took some great pics, fought off the mosquitos, and then the urge hit me out of nowhere, to take a quick dip in the lake. As you can imagine, this lake is a tad on the chilly side, as it’s fed from Grinnell Glacier and you can see the falls and streams that flow down the mountains to the lake. I threw caution to the wind, and took the plunge, pleasantly surprised that I could still breathe! My hiking friend took the videos, but no matter what I said, I couldn’t convince her to take a dip in the crystal clear waters! So disappointing.

As we wandered back to the trail, I made the executive decision that I would take a dip in all three of the lakes on the trail, and my friend smirked and rolled her eyes at me. Yep, she has more common sense than I do, but adventure runs in my blood, so off we went to Josephine and another dip. This time I decided to go in head first, and got a shock when I hit the water, as it was colder than Grinnell! It’s a shallower lake (at least I think it is), but I’d bet dollars to donuts that it was easily a few degrees colder than Grinnell. I did survive, though a bit chilled and ready to warm up with a little hiking down to Swiftcurrent.

Last but definitely not least was Swiftcurrent Lake. With its stunning views, I decided to do a little backstroke, so I could see the mountains behind me. It seemed the fitting end to my lake day trifecta. I had so much fun being silly and submerging myself in the crisp, glacial waters, and I think a repeat at the next lake hike or two is in order. Call me crazy, but life is short, and memories need to be made any chance you can, especially when they put a broad, happy smile on your face. So, don’t wait around...go find your happiness in the outdoors, and wander into having the time of your life!

Carmen Hobson


Touchstone Real Estate

Whitefish, Montana

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