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Okay, we can all admit we’re disappointed that the ski season came to an abrupt end, courtesy of COVID-19, but not all hope is lost. The famous Going-to-the-Sun road will be opening sometime in June, and you have one last shot at sliding down a mountain on one slat or two, so get prepared and don’t miss out on the few days of supreme fun at Logan Pass, at the top of Going-to-the-Sun.

Here’s how it works: The park service spends months clearing the snow, ice, and avalanche debris from Apgar in West Glacier, to the summit of Logan Pass. Skiers and snowboarders alike keep close watch on the road report to see when the pass will be open to the top. When the day is announced, everyone gathers their gear, gets a good night’s sleep and rises early to begin their day. The morning of, droves of snow-hungry crazies embark early in the morning to try to get a “fresh” run in before the place gets tracked out. Now, I say “fresh” with a raised eyebrow, as you must remember this is June, and even though things are chillier at elevation, this is old snow, avalanche prone, and it will either be crusty as heck, or as soft as pudding. Both are completely acceptable to these diehards at this point. Once arrived, boots are pulled on, and the rest of the gear will range widely depending upon the weather. You might be in shorts and a tee shirt, or bundled up in your regular gear, but either way, you’re out for a treat.

There’s an optimist’s version and a pessimist’s version of this adventure, so here are both for you to enjoy:

Optimist – What a glorious time you’ll have trekking up the mountains with views to die for, as there are majestic, craggy mountains as far as the eye can see. The glistening snow reminds you that freedom awaits, and to be in one of the most gorgeous places in the world is a treat. As you ascend the snow field, you see others throwing snowballs with glee, laughing with all their heart, and smiles abound. You find your line, following it carefully as to not tick of an unexpected avalanche in the pudding snow. You and your friends delight in finally making it to your launch point, and after a toast and a few selfies, you head down the mountainside, wind in your hair, smile on your lips, and happiness in your heart. If you’re up for it, you skin up again, and again, until your legs can barely handle their own weight, and decide it’s time to head down to the lake for an afternoon of lounging on the water. Skiing and surfing all in the same day…what a delight!

Pessimist - You’ve finally arrived after driving behind the lagging traffic that seemed to moving at a crawl, grab your gear, and head out to the snowfield. Looking up to your destination is daunting. The incredible mountain looms before you, and you can see the it’s going to be a long, wet slog to the top. Should you go home, or continue? Well, you’re already there, so what the heck. On the way up, you can’t help but wonder why everyone is passing you…don’t they know this is hard work? You think “Am I getting that old?” or “Man, I’m in bad shape!”. Noticing others laughing and playing in the snow, you wonder what they’re all so happy about. You finally arrive after what seems like hours, and you’re quite proud of yourself. You pat yourself and your friends on the back, take a few selfies, and head down the mountainside, wind in your hair, smile on your lips, and happiness in your heart. If you’re up for a second run, you quickly come to your senses and decide to head to McDonald Lake Lodge for a cocktail stop, before heading out on your boat for the rest of the afternoon. Skiing and surfing all in one day…what a delight!

Love yourself some Logan Pass this summer, and y’all be safe out there!

Carmen Hobson, Touchstone Real Estate

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