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Social Distancing In The Mountains of Montana

Times are crazy right now. The onset of the COVID-19 virus has shaken the confidence of the masses, caused serious financial worries, closed schools, stores and any business considered non-essential. It’s thrown the stock market into a tizzy, closed borders, and no one knows what is next. What to do, what to do. Here’s my suggestion…social distance yourself in the mountains of Montana, or wherever your heart truly wants to be.

My carpenter was here today finishing some things in my new home, and he took off early to head into Haskill Basin to cross country ski before the last of our snow disappears for the season…his version of social distancing. Another friend headed out with his daughter for a bike ride in the crisp spring air, with marshmallow clouds drifting in the azure blue sky above…their version of social distancing. I finished my work today and headed down to uncover my year-old orchard of fruit trees, so they could drink in the sun and get ready to showcase their tender pink and white blossoms that turn into juicy apples, fuzzy apricots, and ruby red cherries…my version of social distancing.

In today’s day and age, we tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of work and careers, shuttling kids here and there, working too much, and often misplacing our priorities. We ponder why we just can’t seem to make the time to experience stillness and relaxation in our lives. Why we can’t take a moment to enjoy the little things like sipping a cup of coffee over a good book, instead of sloshing it into a go-cup to drink while we’re on the run. Why don’t we carve out time to lay in the lush grass on a summer day and take a nap in the sunshine, instead of planting ourselves in front of our computer to finish the overabundance of work we haven’t completed? Why don’t we disconnect from the frenzy of our day and take a few moments of time to really listen to a friend or family member who really needs to just be heard, instead of inserting the properly timed “hmmm’s’ and “oh yeah’s” that seemingly make us appear like we’re truly listening? Habits, it’s just bad habits. We’re caught up in the breakneck speed of life in today’s world, and we don’t know how to exit the train without getting hurt. COVID-19 is giving us the forced option to figure that out.

In all this chaos, we’ve been given a gift of awareness and gratitude for the little things, and it’s allowing us to reset to a slower pace and one which has given us the greatest commodity of the 21st century…time. How often have you said to yourself (and out loud), “It would be great to be to be a kid again…no worries, and all the time in the world!” Well, we all have our responsibilities, but now we have time that’s been gifted to us by closures of schools and businesses, and maybe we can focus on that bright side and ignore the stuff we can’t control. What do we do with all this newfound time? That’s easy…go out and live a little! Climb that mountain, raft a river, snuggle with your significant other, your kiddos, or your dog. Make blueberry pancakes without having to rush off to work, sing from your rooftop, learn to play that guitar, call your parents and have a real chat with them instead of the three minutes you usually allot between appointments. Go for a cool swim, drink some lovely wine as you watch a brilliant sunset, cuddle up with a great book you’ve been dying to read but haven’t been able to carve out time for, or simply take a nap in the middle of the day. And remember - the only thing we have for sure is this day, this present moment. The time excuse is gone, so take advantage of today and let the little kid in your heart come out to play and enjoy all there is in this beautiful, beautiful life!

Carmen Hobson, Touchstone Real Estate

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