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Sweet Child Of Mine

Just about every morning I’m awakened by the tickling of pup whiskers and an occasional wet tongue, as my Huckleberry stands over me to tell me the sun is up and it’s time to play! It’s impossible not to smile and soak in his enthusiasm, so I rarely wake up with a grouchy demeanor thanks to my boy.

Huck came to me three years ago, as a 14 week old “reject”. He’s a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who was originally pre-sold as a show puppy long before he was born, but came out with a crooked tail. As we all know, defects aren’t high on the list of show dog conformation, and I was lucky enough to be contacted by some friends in the dog world who knew I would immediately overlook his crooked tail if he had a great mind and sweet disposition, which he did. So, Huckleberry, or Huck, came to be my sidekick.

Living in Montana, it’s wonderful to have a great dog to be your buddy on trails, hanging on the lake, or just generally chilling by the fire on a snowy evening. Tracks are laid in winter, and flowered trails traveled in summer, and you often see canines tagging along with tongues lolling out, and a gleam of joy in their eyes. My dog is right there with the others, and he makes my life all the more enjoyable. He’s goofy, sweet, loves everyone (especially small children), and attracts attention everywhere he goes. Our area of Montana is very dog friendly, so we have oodles of local trails we can explore, especially ones that lead to lakes and along rivers. If you’re in the area and need any suggestions, look us up and we’ll help you out!

Making a move to Montana and not sure how the pups will fare? Here are a few pics to let you see how fun it is here for not just us, but our canine pals. NW Montana is Huck approved!

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