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Holy smokes! The market has been hot, but it’s even more crazed now, with buyers across the country trying to find anyway possible to secure homes with multiple offers in play. The article below made me simultaneously laugh out loud and roll my eyes, at the lengths buyers are going to stand out. It’s a rough climate out there for those of you buying, and the article illustrates how important it is to have your loan pre-approval in hand, down payment secured, and be reasonable with your offers. Asking for discounts or unreasonable terms for this market will certainly cost you the winning bid, so think through how you would respond to your offer if you were the seller in today’s market.

I’d love to assist you with any real estate needs, so please get in touch anytime to discuss the market climate, available homes for sale, or for a complimentary market analysis on a home you’re considering selling.

Enjoy the article!

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