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The Mountain Is Calling

…and I must go!  It’s been an awkward beginning of ski season, with more rainy days than I’ve seen since I moved here in 2007.  I left Oregon in large part because, after a lifetime of rainy days, I’d had enough.  My first winter here I was ecstatic that the darn rain just didn’t fall here unless it was fluffy and white, and I knew I chose the right spot to land.  Finally in this start of a new trip around the sun, we have a big storm rising in the next couple of days.  With any luck we’ll get a huge pow dump, and be off to the races for the rest of the ski season.

For those of you new to Whitefish Mountain Resort (renamed a few years back, but still affectionately called Big Mountain, or The Big, to the locals), this mountain is the most family friendly, crazy fun mountain around.  With terrain for all levels, kid friendly, and with lots of fun bars and restaurants on mountain to pit stop in, you’ll fall in love with the experience.  I used to work out of a real estate office in Vail, Colorado, so I’ve laid tracks on Vail, Beavercreek, Breckenridge, and Keystone for a mile or two, and when all was and done after a week there, I was ready to head home and get back to my roots on our sweet Montana mountain.  Rarely a lift line, friendly smiles everywhere, and a super kicked-back atmosphere, Big Mountain feels like a big, fluffy lounge chair in the world of ski resorts.  

If you would like info on the Big, steer your browser to and you’ll find everything you’d like to know about tickets, passes, rentals, trail maps, restaurants, weather, and summer activities, as well.  Strap in and head down a buttery run or two, chit chat with the hottie ski patrollers, grab some grub with your friends and kiddos, and you’ll come home with a Big ole smile on your face!

Curious about real estate opportunities in Whitefish, Montana?

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